Here’s to all the photographers, hairstylists, florists, musicians and other creatives!

It’s hard work running your own creative business. So many of us thrive while creating, designing, or performing yet feel unsure when it comes to marketing and brand strategy.

Maybe even the terms ‘branding’ and ‘marketing’ make you uncomfortable. 

The good news is – you’re not alone

My specialty is creating a brand strategy that feels authentic AND grows your business! I partner with women like you who are passionate about their work but need support to increase prices, know how to talk to their audience, stand out in their industry, and reach their business goals. 

Let’s break it down:


Brand strategy for creative entrepreneurs positions you as an expert in your industry and communicates to your ideal clients why they should come to you to solve their problems. 

Without brand strategy, you might struggle to create an effective website, branding, or marketing plan. Take a quick second to reflect on your creative business. Do you feel like you’re not connecting with your target audience? Are you bringing in enough revenue? Or do you just feel like something in your company isn’t quite right? 

Brand strategy is more than a pretty website, logo, and colour palette (though you’ll get that too!). It’s about effectively communicating your magic in a way that elevates your business.

Through the Strategic Brand Makeover, we will work together to create a plan to help you achieve your business goals and give you more time to do what you love. My design process will help you feel more confident online, define your specific offerings, and build connections with your ideal target audience.

You might be thinking, “of course, you’re stressing the importance of brand strategy, Samara, that’s what you do!” 

But how would you feel if you knew even I collaborated with a brand strategist for my own company?

In early 2021, I worked with a mentor to identify exactly who my ideal clients are (hint, it’s you!). This meant determining what kinds of work they do, their stage of business, and their values, needs, and problems. 

We then narrowed down how my unique design process supports creative entrepreneurs like you and transforms their businesses. 

Although I had tried simple versions of ‘ideal client psychology’ exercises on my own before, I didn’t find them particularly useful. The end result, however, was completely different after completing these exercises WITH my mentor as part of crafting my overall brand strategy. 

The two of us discussed the specific needs of my target audience and came up with a list of 10 ideal clients – people I had followed on Instagram who I dreamed of designing for. Less than a year later, I’ve booked projects with two of those people!

Two of those ‘dream clients’ are now ACTUAL clients!

THAT is the impact of brand strategy. 

So, you know that brand strategy can help you reach your business goals but are you still wondering, “how do I know if my creative business is ready for brand strategy?”

I’ve got you!


Are you incredible at what you do yet feel like your current website doesn’t accurately tell your story or reflect the quality of your work? 

Do you struggle to attract your ideal clients? Those you connect with and who value what you do?

Maybe you’re spending more time tracking down potential clients or looking through design templates than doing what you love. 

You might be ready to raise your prices, reach a new or higher-paying audience, and feel confident showing up online to grow your business!

My design process combines mentorship and design to give you the tools for a holistic shift that will help your creative business thrive.


Investing in professional brand support means you can reach your business goals faster

Over three months, we will collaborate to determine your goals, communicate your unique value through design, and help you increase your revenue while feeling confident about your creative business. We want to let clients know you’re amazing at what you do and they should come to you!

Let’s talk about some specific ways brand strategy can help creative entrepreneurs:

  • You’ll be positioned to reach new or higher-paying clients with creative messaging and a cohesive visual design that resonates with your target audience.
  • Understanding the needs of your ideal clients will allow you to speak directly about the unique skills you can offer them. By communicating effectively, sales processes are easier, and you generate more revenue! 
  • Growing your business will allow you to expand your team or outsource your most dreaded tasks.
  • Ultimately, a strong and authentic brand strategy lets you spend more time doing what you love while making more money!

When I started working with Beard and Bardot, an inclusive hair salon based in Abbotsford, owner Jordana Patterson felt like her DIY site didn’t truly represent the salon’s personality or quality of service. Together, we created a custom, personal, and on-brand e-commerce website that saw the salon immediately achieve business growth.

beard and bardot website mockup

Within a few days of launching Beard and Bardot’s new website, Jordana revealed that the salon “had already seen an increase in client inquiries.” She further shared that she was excited about “the potential of generating more income in our ONLINE STORE.”

Beard and Bardot’s success is a great example of how brand strategy for creatives is so important for showing clients the value of your craft and achieving the business growth you dream of. 
Sounds good so far, right? Let’s get down to the details.


Imagine grabbing your morning coffee while having a heart-to-heart about your business goals and exchanging voice memo chats that delve into your ideal clients. 

Picture cozy afternoons curled up on the couch looking over Google docs of web copy crafted to communicate your brilliance. 

Combine that all with a new website, a custom brand design – I’m talking colour palette, typography, patterns, and logos – and a whole lot of gentle reflection, and that’s brand strategy. 

Together, we will define your business goals and personal expertise, get crystal clear clarity on your ideal clients, and determine the most effective way to connect with them. Once we’ve clarified these strategies, we’ll share your unique story through visuals and words that speak directly to your target audience. 

From there, you’ll be well on your way to achieving all the growth, revenue, and goals you’ve wanted!

There you have it, now you know what brand strategy is and how it can help you grow your creative business.

Client testimonial for Samara Bortz Creative

Ready to make the leap and gain more confidence and ease in your business?

The Strategic Brand Makeover has only one available opening in 2021! Apply to work together now and let’s help your creative business thrive! 

Brand strategy for creatives: what is it and when should you invest?

October 12, 2021