Find Your Soulmate Couples and Give Them the Day of Their Dreams

Web Design & Business Coaching For wedding professionals

From One Creative To Another...

As a wedding professional, you take ideas and bring them into reality. You work at getting inside the mind of a couple about their most precious day and create something for them that they could only dream of a few months ago. 

To find and connect with these couples though, we as entrepreneurs have to wade through the less soul-fulfilling tasks of branding, website development, social media marketing, and endless emails. Even creative businesses have a seemingly never-ending list of admin tasks that, sadly, passion and vision can’t overcome. 

As a heart-led entrepreneur, I understand the struggle. I know the feeling of spending 4 hours checking off a business to-do list when all I wanted to do was work on my client’s next design. But it doesn’t have to be like that. 

With the support of a business coach or the skill of a brand and website designer, you can knock those CEO tasks off your plate and have more time for the work you love. I can help you create a business strategy that has your inbox bursting with soulmate clients, or build you a brand and website that makes your heart flutter every time you see it (and the heart of everyone looking for the perfect person to make their wedding a reality). 

If you’re ready to take the next step in your business and collaborate with a kindred creative, I’d love to help you create a magical online presence and fill your calendar with perfect-fit clients

Branding & Web Design for Wedding Professionals

A wedding is such a momentous event in a couple’s life. It’s important that they find a wedding professional they can trust with the task of creating their perfect day. Trust begins the moment a couple finds you online. The look and feel of your web presence is the first peek a new client has about what it might be like to work with you. Make sure that first impression shares the real you and paints a picture of who you are as a professional and a person. 

If your branding and website don’t embody your wedding design aesthetic, your client won’t know what to expect from working with you. While you may coordinate the most stunning weddings in the state or take the most picturesque, Pinterest-worthy wedding photos, your clients won’t know that if your online presence isn’t true to you and your skill. 

As an intentional and heart-led website and brand designer for wedding professionals, I can take the beautiful work you do and build a brand that makes it clear to everyone who you are and the quality of the work you create. Once we’ve nailed down a brand that makes you swoon, I’ll use that to design a website that will have your biggest fans lining up to work with you. 

When we work together, I don’t use a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach. I believe that building an online presence that is a true representation of you and your work doesn’t happen in a week. I take the time to understand you and your business. We’ll cozy up like old friends and chat about what makes your business yours and how we can make sure your new brand aligns with what you do. 

My brand and web design services are the perfect fit for people looking to: 
  • Have unshakable confidence in a brand and website that is truly aligned with your business and your work
  • Market your services to people who can’t wait to work with you in a way that feels easy and magnetic
  • Share your unique skills and talents with your wedding couples
  • Have an ongoing stream of soulmate clients lined up to work with you
  • Feel confident raising your prices and charging your worth
  • Get support from a mentor who understands the needs of creative entrepreneurs and is excited to help you share your talent with the world 

If this sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for to bring your business that je ne sais quoi it’s been missing, I’d love to help you bring your vision to life. Learn more about my Strategic Brand Makeover service and how together we can create the brand and website of your dreams.   

Business coaching for wedding planners, coordinators & more

If you already have a brand and website that makes your heart sing but are finding the operations side of your business is stealing your joy one to-do list at a time, let me help you rekindle your love with your day-to-day. 

Perhaps you’re looking for support in putting more strategy behind your marketing efforts, streamlining the steps a client goes through when working with you, finding clarity on a new offer and knowing how to price it, or changing your business mindset to allow space for growth and change. Whatever area of your business you’re looking to improve, I’m here to help you find more time in the day for tasks you love and find more joy in the ones you don’t. 

I offer business coaching for wedding professionals who are looking to: 
  • Increase leads from clients as excited to work with you as you are to work with them 
  • Raise your rates with confidence and start charging what your worth
  • Define a crystal clear marketing message that connects with dreamy clients every time
  • Increase conversion rates from discovery calls in a heart-led and authentic way
  • Step into a mindset of confidence and alignment
  • Streamline the day-to-day operations of your business
  • Create a work-life balance that doesn’t have you living at work

This is not a basic, pre-recorded, “business coaching for wedding professionals” type of program. When you work with me, we go through a high-touch, supportive, completely customized coaching process that addresses your needs and challenges. During our twice-a-month coaching calls, we’ll discuss your business's goals, obstacles, and opportunities and develop strategies and solutions to see your business thrive. And we’ll chat through Voxer on the side, you know, for the fun stuff. 

If you’re looking for the support and care of a business coach who understands creative entrepreneurs and knows what it takes for your business to blossom into its full potential, I’d love to meet you. 

Learn more about my business coaching services now!

"I’ve already received bookings from people I would have never booked prior."

"Before working with Samara, I had a Facebook page and Instagram, but as everyone knows, every good photographer has a website. I was constantly asked if I had one, and was always embarrassed to say "no". I think it really limited the amount of business I was receiving. I had always thought I would design my own website, but I had NO idea where to start, so I put it off for years. I worried about cost, and whether they would be easy to work with/understand my design goals, wants and needs. Samara got EVERYTHING."

– Saphren Lise Photography

I Understand What it Takes to Build a Business From Your Passion

In the early stages of my design business. I had no processes, no structure, and no strategies in place. I would chase down any lead, no matter how low-cost, how quick the turnaround, or how misaligned, just to have a client. My business became overwhelming and unsustainable. Something had to change. 

After some reflection, I looked at what was working for my business and what wasn’t. I thought about the projects I loved and what about them brought the spark of joy back into my work. With that knowledge, I rebuilt and rebranded into the business I have today. I started trusting myself and my clients and built a mindset of abundance and support into my work. 

Today, my business has grown into a 6-figure design studio with a team of amazing creatives I have the pleasure of working with every day! I love my day-to-day and am able to provide my sweet clients with services I’m proud to deliver and that give them that one-of-a-kind magic they’re looking for. You deserve the same and I’d love to support you on your journey. Together, we can create the business of your dreams

"Now I would say about 90% to 95% of the people who end up booking a call with me are ideal clients.”

I loved that working with Samara was so much more than building a nice website for my business. It’s really streamlined my process and made it easy for clients to decide if my studio is for them or not.

– Arianna Ervin, Arianna Mae Studios

"If you're on the fence about hiring Samara... Do it!!"

She is beyond amazing. I don’t have one negative thing to say about my whole experience of working with her. She was absolutely amazing!

– Christine, Christine Nicole Photography

"Working with Samara was a life changing experience!"

She has helped me evolve as a biz owner but also as a person. I'm booked out at least 2 months in advance! I'm finally hitting $5K + months consistently and soon to be $10K months. The leads I receive are aligned with the clients I want to work with. Discovery Calls are more a confirmation that we are a good fit than actually selling and praying they sign.

– Martine Cousineau Pouliot, Streamlined By Martine

Your Clients Found Each Other, Now Let’s Help Them Find You 

Right now, a couple is looking for exactly what you offer to make their wedding day come alive. 

Through intentional branding, a stunning website, and a customized business strategy, you can help them find you and give them that one-of-a-kind magic only you can offer.