the online Email marketing course for creative businesses

Flow into Flodesk is your complete roadmap to mastering one of the highest converting forms of marketing – email.

Sick of relying on referrals, Instagram, and the power of positive thinking to attract new clients & customers?

Gimme a nod if any of this rings true...

Your services and products are AMAZING, but they aren't bringing in the kind of revenue you want. You often stress about where your next client is going to come from because it seems like your current audience is filled with cold leads.

You're tired of being at the mercy of the ever-evolving Instagram algorithm to get the attention of your audience. Right now, you're spending hours creating content... only to get some likes, a few comments, and zero clicks to your website.

You've attempted to start an email list before. BUT, you got discouraged when basically no one signed up. Or, you sent out a couple emails, but then ghosted your list because you didn't know what to write about.

Technology isn't your strong suit. Even though you know email marketing is effective, you'd rather book that dentist appointment you've been avoiding for the past year than stumble through learning an entirely new platform.

Selling your offers in your sleep sounds like a dream come true. But the logistics are a major roadblock. Thoughts like "How do I set up a sales funnel?" or "What am I supposed to say in a launch sequence?" prevent you from getting started.

You see other entrepreneurs creating freebies left, right, and centre. They talk about all the bookings and sales they're bringing in through email and you find yourself wondering "HOW exactly are they doing this?"

Welcome to: Flow Into Flodesk

Oh hey, I made a course for you

An online email marketing course to help you generate more aligned leads, increase sales & bookings, and promote your offerings on autopilot – all through the magic of email marketing.

This is what effective email marketing does for your creative business: 


Generates new leads ( the kind who are *actually* interested in what you're offering)


Delivers your content directly to your warmest audience – no algorithms to fight with.


Sparks sales and bookings at a much higher rate than Instagram or Facebook posts.  


Helps  you sell efficiently – create sequences and funnels to market while you sleep!

You won't experience these wins without proper strategies or systems in place.

Here's the thing, though -

This is why I built Flow Into Flodesk as your one-stop, comprehensive email marketing & Flodesk training resource. We're covering it all:

Marketing Strategies

Tech Skills

Navigate the Flodesk platform. Master the ins-and-outs of proper account setup, list building, creating and embedding opt-in forms, designing and sending emails, and automating your sequences.

Attract qualified leads with an impactful freebie, grow your list FASTER with a freebie opt-in page, nurture your community with helpful content, and sell your offers more efficiently with automated sequences and checkout carts.

What *exactly* is included in the course?

The format

The Modules

6 modules guiding you through the complete setup of your Flodesk account, launching an impactful freebie, crafting email sequences, and automating sales funnels.

30+ video lessons with coaching and tutorial content.

Copy scripts and email sequence templates with tried-and-true examples and customizable prompts that you can steal and adapt.

The format

The Bonuses

Lifetime access to the course, including any future updates, videos, or content that will be added.

The format

The Bonuses

  • How to get in the email mindset
  • Best practices to maximize results & avoid costly mistakes
  • Why Flodesk?
  • How to create a KILLER freebie 

01. Preparations

  • ALL in ins-and-outs of proper Flodesk account setup
  • Segmenting, and transferring subscriber lists
  • Designing & creating opt-in forms

02. The Foundation

  • The secret sauce to higher-converting freebies
  • What the heck to write on your opt-in page (with a copy guide!)
  • Bonus! Designing an opt-in page

03. Opt-In Pages

  • Designing & sending emails in Flodesk
  • How to write welcome & sales sequences (with copy guides!)
  • All my fave Flodesk email tricks

04. Everything Emails

  • An intro to sales funnels
  • How to market in your sleep with basic & advanced workflows
  • New! Sell products, courses, or 1:1 services with Flodesk Checkouts

05. Workflows

  • Content ideas for sending regular emails to your list
  • Analytics 101
  • How to make money through Flodesk's affiliate program

06. Now what?

The Modules

Design-With-Me bonus videos showing you how I create freebie opt-in pages in Squarespace and Showit. Plus, an actual webpage template you can customize if you use Showit!

50% off your annual Flodesk subscription ($19/month instead of $38/month).

An exclusive discount on my 1:1 Strategic Brand Intensive coaching sessions, for tailored help with your freebie creation or writing email sequences.

The format

The Bonuses

annnnnd before you start saying:

"No one wants to get more emails. What if I sound too spammy?"

I see you. I hear you. But think about it this way:

As a creative solopreneur, isn't it your responsibility to be your own advocate? To take every chance to share about how beautiful and valuable your offerings are?

Because the reality is, no one else is going to sell for you. It's up to YOU to utilize each opportunity to market your business.

(And email is a BIG opportunity!)

Allow me to show you!

Since implementing Flodesk & an email marketing strategy into my biz...

New leads join my community almost every single day thanks to my current lead magnet (and I barely even promote it anymore).

I've gone from inconsistent inquiries and struggling to land clients to booking design projects 5 – 6 months in advance.

Launching and selling out (actually OVER selling!) my coaching program went from a pipe dream to a reality.

After taking my Flodesk training course, you'll be equipped to start doing the same.

You can be positive  that Flow Into Flodesk is for you if:

You're a creative business owner who isn't ready to invest in 1:1 support, but you're craving help with your marketing.

You're a designer, social media manager, or VA looking to add more value to your packages by offering your clients Flodesk setup (but first you need to master the system yourself).

You've been avoiding email marketing because you have NO idea where to start – but you realize that not having an email list is holding you back from potential bookings & sales.

You love learning at home with comprehensive tutorials, adaptable Google Doc resources, and real life examples.

You are driven to grow, but you know your marketing could use some support (and you're ready to put the effort in!).

Flexible Investment Options



one single payment

three monthly payments


It's the best email marketing service platform for creative entrepreneurs! It allows you to build an email list, design, send, and automate beautiful emails, create sales sequences, and sell your offers with a checkout cart.

Nope! But, you will get access to my discount code, so you can save 50% on your annual Flodesk subscription ($19/month instead of $38/month).

Flow Into Flodesk is designed to be self-paced (and you get lifetime access!). There's about 6-ish hours of lesson content total, which you could binge on a Sunday afternoon or work through gradually.

Absolutely! Module 02 includes lessons on how to easily transfer your mailing list from another platform (like Mailchimp) into Flodesk, if you're down to switch over. While much of the course focuses on Flodesk-specific tutorials, there are also lessons and entire modules focused on freebie creation, writing effective web copy & sales emails, and repurposing content. ALL of these important skills can be applied to any email marketing platform.

This is an all-encompassing email marketing course, not a website design course! HOWEVER. You will get access to bonus Design-With-Me videos, that guide you through creating a freebie opt-in page in Squarespace. If your website is built on Showit, you also get access to my freebie opt-in page template, which you can add to your own website and customize!

Joining this course doesn't give you 1:1 coaching calls. It does, however, offer you an exclusive discount on my Strategic Brand Intensives – a single 1:1 coaching call, plus one week of Voxer (voice memo) support. The intensive is PERFECT for you if you're looking for tailored support (from a business coach for creatives) to craft the perfect freebie to resonate with your audience and grow your email list.

Yeah, you could. But if you're a busy entrepreneur, wouldn't you rather set things up correctly the first time? Joining Flow In Flodesk helps you avoid wasted hours mining through vague YouTube tutorials and pulling your hair out when your emails won't deliver because you've skipped a key step. PLUS! Mastering Flodesk is only one aspect of this course. You'll also learn my tried and true strategies and tools for writing effective sales copy and crafting a freebie that converts onlookers into subscribers.

If you don't join this time, Flow Into Flodesk will launch again in Summer of 2023. The best time to get in the doors is now, because the sooner you get the email marketing ball rolling, the sooner you'll start seeing results like a more engaged audience and increased sales/bookings.

You might also know a 'freebie' as a lead magnet or an opt-in gift. All of these terms mean the same thing: a free resource that you offer in exchange for an email address, for the dual purpose of providing value AND building an email list. Watch this training if you want to learn how to create a freebie.

If you made it this far, you know it's time to add email to your marketing game

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