Are you ready for soulful alignment, impactful marketing strategies, and kindred clients?

Business coaching For heart-led creatives

You know your creative work is valuable but when it comes to growing your business, you feel out of your depth.

Let’s be honest, creative entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. 

One day, you’re motivated and on top of the world, connecting with your clients and booking new projects. The next moment, you cringe at the thought of posting an Instagram story, writing a blog post, or responding to an inquiry. 

Instead, imagine effortlessly creating content that motivates your dream clients to stop their late-night scrolling and tap your ‘book me/buy me’ button. 

What's holding you back?

  • An empty inbox or inconsistent inquiries from so-so clients.

  • Knowing you're undercharging for your offerings – but not knowing how to raise your rates without driving potential clients away.

  • Dread over sitting down and wasting time (and energy) writing content that isn’t landing the way you hoped. 

  • That intuitive feeling that something in your business structure just isn’t right, but you aren’t sure what. 

  • The comparison game. As if everyone else is booked out with waiting lists while you're struggling to keep your head above water.

  • That little voice inside of you whispering, “you’re not ready,“you’re not good enough,” or “what you’re doing isn’t enough.” 

Business coaching for creative, heart-centred entrepreneurs tailored to your individual needs, obstacles, and goals 

It's time to silence that voice with high-touch support

1:1 mentorship makes it a lot easier to

Cultivate more inquiries from your kindred clients, a deeper connection with your community, and the increased revenue you’re seeking.

Confidently show up online because you’re certain of the value you offer and the impact you make.

Effectively create, launch, and sell the new services, products, or offers you're dreaming of.

Have more energy to do the creative work you’re actually passionate about while making an impactful difference for your clients. 

Finally, the individualized support you've dreamed of is here

Introducing, Strategic Brand Mentorship

SBM doesn't give you a 6-step, uniform plan. In the same way that no two businesses are the same or have the same struggles, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to effective marketing and business expansion.

That means there’s no set path you need to follow, no copy and paste questions to answer, and no rigid workbook to complete. 

what this program isn't

Strategic Brand Mentorship is about getting to the heart of your individual concerns and mind blocks, transforming your approach to marketing, and creating business structures that works for you and your goals. With 5-months of one-on-one strategy development and marketing implementation, you’ll walk away with clarity, confidence, and individualized solutions to land your dream clients.

what this program is

"She has helped me evolve as a biz owner but also as a person. I'm booked out at least 2 months in advance! I'm finally hitting $5K + months consistently and soon to be $10K months. The leads I receive are aligned with the clients I want to work with. Discovery Calls are more a confirmation that we are a good fit than actually selling and praying they sign."

– Martine Cousineau Pouliot, Streamlined By Martine

"Working with Samara was a life changing experience!"

So, how does SBM work?

show me all the details +

Your personalized creative business mentorship includes

10 calls

unlimited voxer coaching

Mindset work

strategic planning

access to my courses

implementation & feedback

In our twice a month, 1-hour calls, you’ll receive  personalized guidance and custom-tailored solutions for your creative business. With limited spots in the program, you get my focused and individualized attention.

Our time together isn’t restricted to our coaching calls! You’ll have access to me throughout the weeks with Voxer, an easy-to-use voice messaging app. That way, you are supported through every step of the process.

We'll work through limiting beliefs to foster more alignment in your creative entrepreneurial journey. You’ll walk away with sales strategies that work for YOUR energy.

By delving into your target audience, value-filled offers, and the distinctive factors that make you the guiding light in your field, we can shape your business to feel aligned for you AND  resonates with your dream clients.

For the duration of our container, you'll have access to Flow Into Flodesk & The Heartled Sales Toolkit so you can build your email list and sales foundations.

Strategic Brand Mentorship isn’t a one-and-done program. Once you’ve implemented, we’ll review the ease and effectiveness of your new offers or plans to make sure you’re confident and on track for the results, you’re hoping for.

"I told Samara my goal of signing 1 client by the end of the month and she covered every point on the checklist to make sure I hit that goal. Not only did I hit that goal, but I also surpassed it by signing two clients within 2 weeks!"

– Xindi Soh, By Xindi

The Step-By-Step SBM Framework


Together, we’ll hone in on your specific struggles, any limiting beliefs, and upcoming business goals.

After narrowing your target audience, adjusting your offers, and claryifying the specific value you provide, we’ll be ready to write create a content strategy that resonates with your kindred clients. 

PHASE TWO: planning & content

It’s time to craft key messaging and marketing for your offerings.

Ditch the days of dreading writing your social captions, website copy, and email content. With a plan in place and Voxer support at your fingertips, creating content might just become one of the highlights of your day. 

PHASE Three: implentation

Now you’re ready to put your custom-tailored plans into action. With clarified messaging and strategies to sell or launch your new offerings, you’ll start seeing the responses you’ve been hoping for.

And if you don’t? That’s why we make time for feedback and revisions.

One-on-one business coaching with unlimited support for creative entrepreneurs

With personalized coaching, unlimited support, and access to my email marketing course for creatives included in the 5-month Strategic Brand Mentorship, you’re guaranteed both the plan your creative business needs and the alignment your soul is craving. 

Hi there sweet friends, I’m Samara

Designer, strategist, musician, and heart-led entrepreneur with a passion for uplifting creatives and building impactful businesses that feel and do good.

My story looks similar to yours. 

When I began my design studio, I chased any hint of a lead and quoted a whopping $500 for custom websites to convince less-than-dreamy clients to hire me (spoiler, they didn’t)

It's clear my income wasn’t sustainable and didn’t match the value I provided. But something I was never short on?

Passion. Drive. A deep-seated love for what I do. 

Here’s the reality though: passion can only get you so far. I needed tailored support, sales skills, and tried-and-true tools to transform my budding business into a full-time income that fostered the life I wanted. 

Since restructuring my services and approach to marketing...

My design studio has gone from barely scraping by to consistently hitting high four-figure, five-figure, or multiple-five-figure months without diminishing my love of my creative work.  

I’ve learned to trust myself, step forward confidently, and value the skills I bring to the table.  I've been able to hire a team, invest in expanding my business, and fully pour my heart into serving my wonderful clients.

With Strategic Brand Mentorship, you can do the same. We’ll collaborate and combine your creative energy with my strategic expertise to effectively communicate your magic, connect with kindred clients, and achieve the revenue you know you’re capable of. 

I can't wait to meet you.

"Samara has a beautiful way of making your scattered thoughts cohesive and applicable to your brand - and always making you feel like your ideas WILL work. She's an integral part of my business and who I am showing up for it everyday." 

– Jessica Perissinotti, Fig & Maple

"Samara is everything we never knew we needed as entrepreneurs. "

What makes Strategic Brand Mentorship the transformative container for you?

Before investing in this 5-month brand & business coaching mentorship, we want to make sure it’s the right fit. 
Maybe you’re thinking:

“I’ve done all the courses and workshops, I’m tired of cookie-cutter curriculums.” 

I hear you! That’s exactly why Strategic Brand Mentorship doesn’t have standardized workbooks or curriculum. That’s not to say there isn’t any homework, content crafting, live-call work sessions, and heaps of self-reflection. But all the guidance is tailored specifically to you, your needs, and your vision.

“I’m struggling with writing social content, getting in front of my dream clients, gaining confidence to even start, or XX specific problem”

No problem! Before we even start working together, we’ll get clear on what you’re struggling with to make sure Strategic Brand Mentorship is the right solution. If it is, together we’ll craft a plan that is personalized to your problems and the goals you hope to achieve. Whether that means spending more time on the clarity and discovery phase or diving deep into strategic planning.

"I’m not even fully clear on my target audience or offers, there’s no way I’m ready for this.”

The best part about Strategic Brand Mentorship is I meet you where you are now in your creative entrepreneur journey. You don’t have to have it all figured out. So, what do you need before joining? A clear idea of what you’d like your creative business to look like, wholehearted determination to learn and create, and a willingness to implement and take action.

Become the ‘can’t-get-it-out-of-my-mind’ creative business your kindred clients have been searching for

FIVE monthly payments

one single payment



 All the answers to your other important questions

Investment options for Strategic Brand Mentorship are 5 monthly payments of $1111 or 1 single payment of $5333. Prices are in Canadian dollars and applicable taxes may be added.

Unlike other business mentorship programs, Strategic Brand Mentorship’s magic lies in its ability to be completely customized to your needs. We’ll work together to create a program tailored to your business, struggles, and goals. 

I’m passionate about working with women who are heart-strong and care deeply about making a positive impact on their clients. My previous clients have included artists, musicians, hair stylists, systems specialists, copywriters, jewellery designers, photographers, interior designers, florists, makeup artists, and other creative entrepreneurs.  If you consider yourself a heart- and soul-led empath who values personal connection, reflection, and growth, then we might be a perfect match. 

The critical part of Strategic Brand Mentorship is showing up with goals and taking the time to implement what we work on. Bring your questions, share your concerns, and take the time to do the internal and external work.  Overall, don’t be afraid to contact me with any thoughts you have. My favourite part of the mentorship is building a personal connection with you. It’s why I make myself available throughout the weeks on Voxer, so you receive the continual support you need to grow your creative business. 

Voxer is a free messaging app for your phone with live talking, texting, and photo sharing abilities. Imagine a grownup walkie-talkie with extra features! In between our twice-monthly coaching sessions, we’ll stay in touch on Voxer so you can continue to ask questions and receive personalized guidance. 

Anyone looking for quick-fix band-aid solutions or anyone who does not have the time, capacity, or willingness to try implement the plans that we create together.

I can’t wait to work with you! This round of Strategic Brand Mentorship is full, the next session begins in January 2023. If you’d like to be first in line when it opens, drop your email here. Remember, I only take on 4-6 mentorship clients at a time so I can guarantee them the attention they deserve. If you’re hoping to join the next round of Strategic Brand Mentorship, be sure to get on my email list.

Can’t wait to jump in?

If you’re counting down the days, minutes, and seconds until a spot opens inside Strategic Brand Mentorship, I have two suggestions for you.

grab your freebies

book a 1:1 intensive

Get a headstart on attracting your kindred clients, crafting effective messaging, and cultivating soulful alignment with my free marketing & creative business resources.

Test the waters of working together and get immediate support with a specific challenge with one 75-minute coaching call, followed by ten days of Voxer support. Investment: $697.

Wins Like These? Yes, Please.

Strategic Brand Mentorship is currently… FULL!

All of the January 2023 spots have been filled. If you'd like to be first in line when a space becomes available, fill out the application.