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Web Design For Photographers

From One Creative To Another...

As a brand and website designer, photography holds such a special place in my heart. While design, copywriting, and branding are all so important for a cohesive brand experience, photography is what pulls everything together.

When you started your photography business, you likely did so from a place of love for the art. But as you may have learned along the way, passion can only get you so far.

I get it, I’m a creative too. Over the years, I’ve also learned that gaining support with the more “business” side of your business can be the missing link for getting your calendar booked out with the exact types of photography clients you’re craving.

If you’re looking for a brand & web designer for photographers, you’re in the right place. Building a more profitable, stable, and aligned photography business is possible for you – sometimes we just need a little support.

Branding & Web Designer For Photographers

As a creative, you know the importance of aesthetics and design. If you find yourself creeping through competitors' websites wishing that you had something as scroll-stopping as them, know that this is possible for you!

I’d love to work together with you to make a brand and website you absolutely adore and love to share. Plus, a website makes your life SO much easier. No more trying to schedule consultations or shoots through your DMs.

If you’re wondering what this looks like IRL, check out this West Coast photographer who started booking out months in advance for her services (directly through her website) after we did a brand & website update.

I offer everything from visual identity design, custom website design, and a full Strategic Brand Makeover.

Unlike other designers, when we work together, we will deep dive into your business with coaching calls and Voxer support. Over the years, I’ve found this to be such a crucial part of design. With my design services for photographers, we get cozy, and we chat through the deep things to ensure your brand and website come together exactly how you imagine it. 

My brand & web design services might be for you if you’re looking to:
  • Feel more confident in your business and life because your passion, communications, and overall business are in total alignment with your true self
  • Raise your prices to reflect the high value service you offer 
  • Market your business in a way that feels easy and magnetic 
  • Get strategic support from a mentor that has been where you are and is excited to help you share your gifts with the world

So if you’ve been looking for a total brand and business overhaul – we can do it all at once! Get ready for dreamier clients, consistent leads and more business clarity. Read more about my Strategic Brand Makeover and other design services now.

"I’ve already received bookings from people I would have never booked prior."

"Before working with Samara, I had a Facebook page and Instagram, but as everyone knows, every good photographer has a website. I was constantly asked if I had one, and was always embarrassed to say "no". I think it really limited the amount of business I was receiving. I had always thought I would design my own website, but I had NO idea where to start, so I put it off for years. I worried about cost, and whether they would be easy to work with/understand my design goals, wants and needs. Samara got EVERYTHING."

– Saphren Lise Photography

I've Been Exactly Where You Are

When I started my design studio I was doing everything I could to chase any and all possible leads. From charging $500 for a custom design website (yes, you read that right) to not respecting my own professional boundaries, I’ve been there. I was operating a business that felt misaligned and totally overwhelming.

When I learned to start trusting myself, step into true confidence in myself and my offers, and value the magic I bring to projects, I began to see my entire business shift. I’ve since been able to hire a team and invest substantially into growing a six-figure design studio, all while creating more time and space to fully show up for my wonderful clients.

If you’re thinking, “that’s great but I could never do this because of….”, let’s chat. I’ve supported other photographers in building their dream businesses, and I’m here to help you do the same. The life you’re dreaming of is completely possible for you, and I’d love to support you in your journey to get there.

"Now I would say about 90% to 95% of the people who end up booking a call with me are ideal clients.”

I loved that working with Samara was so much more than building a nice website for my business. It’s really streamlined my process and made it easy for clients to decide if my studio is for them or not.

– Arianna Ervin, Arianna Mae Studios

"If you're on the fence about hiring Samara... Do it!!"

She is beyond amazing. I don’t have one negative thing to say about my whole experience of working with her. She was absolutely amazing!

– Christine, Christine Nicole Photography

"Working with Samara was a life changing experience!"

She has helped me evolve as a biz owner but also as a person. I'm booked out at least 2 months in advance! I'm finally hitting $5K + months consistently and soon to be $10K months. The leads I receive are aligned with the clients I want to work with. Discovery Calls are more a confirmation that we are a good fit than actually selling and praying they sign.

– Martine Cousineau Pouliot, Streamlined By Martine

Let’s Fill Your Calendar With Clients You Love

Whether you’re craving a calendar booked out with international and domestic destination weddings, boho couple sessions, or high-ticket branding sessions - we can put a plan into place to get there. Making good money from your passion is possible, and we can put a strategic plan into action to make it happen. 

So put on the kettle, grab your coziest blanket, and let’s chat. I’m a web designer for photographers and other creatives, ready to bring your business to light in the most radiant way.