As a holistic health practitioner, you understand the good you do for your clients. You’re their guide on their journey towards optimal health and wellness in both mind and body. But, being able to clearly express to potential clients exactly what you do and how you benefit them can be a struggle, even for the most skilled holistic practitioner.

A clear messaging and marketing strategy helps you connect with potential clients and share the benefits of the work you do. And with a thoughtfully curated brand, you can let your clients get swept away in the experience you provide before they even enter your treatment room. 

If that sounds too good to be true, I’m here to tell you it’s not!

Below are some of my best tips on building a holistic health marketing strategy that will have your calendar fully booked and your practice thriving! 

7 Marketing Tips For Holistic Practitioners

Just as your clients need a holistic approach to health, you need a holistic approach to marketing. Building a strategy that incorporates different types of marketing into one easy-to-implement plan means no longer feeling overwhelmed, and less stressed about the quality or quantity of your content. 

So, let’s get started!

  1. Have a Brand That Speaks to Your Soulmate Clients

Before anything else, you need to know who your clients are. How do they spend their time? Where do they look find new information? What brands already exist that they like working with? 

Understanding who your clients are is key to creating a brand that connects with them. When a potential client sees your website, Instagram, or email, they should think, “Yes! I found them! This is exactly who I’ve been looking for!”  

Based on your values as a business and the wants of your soulmate clients, you can build an online space that immediately makes them feel welcome. That first impression is priceless, so make sure it’s a good one.

  1. Ensure You Have an (On-Brand) Website

Once you know your brand, you can build a website that showcases how your business supports your clients in their health journey. Make sure your website matches the brand you created in Step 1 so that all the areas of your marketing are cohesive. People should have the same experience when they visit your website, visit your Instagram, or visit your practice in person.

When you build your website, approach your site the way a client would. Think about times you went to a business’s website to find information. What information were you looking for? Was it easy to find what you needed? Did the layout of the information make sense?

It’s important to look at your website from the eyes of your customer and make sure they have an easy time finding the information they need. So while it’s easy to get excited telling the tale of your journey starting your business, it’s better to set that aside and focus on your customer and their journey to health. Make them the star and they’ll feel welcomed in from the start. 

  1. Identify What You Want Your Marketing to Achieve

Holistic health marketing is a huge umbrella of things. There are so many different approaches, it can be hard to know where to start. So to begin, ask yourself what your goal is for your marketing strategy.  And while your answer may be “get more clients”, let’s take it one step further. Who are these clients and where are they spending their time online? 

Trying to focus on every avenue of marketing can become very overwhelming very quickly. So, set yourself a few goals based on what you know about your clients and focus your efforts there. Don’t get bogged down trying to do everything and burn yourself out. Stay focused on where your kindred clients are and give them the kind of information they want.

  1. Get Comfortable On Social & Batch Create Content

Posting on social media can feel like a never-ending task. Trying to post something every day can eat away at your working hours, especially if you don’t have a plan and are just hoping for inspiration to strike you every time you log in. 

But it doesn’t have to be like that. I’m a huge fan of creating content in batches and setting up a schedule for it to be posted automatically. All you need is your brand guidelines (which we outlined in Step 1), a plan for where you want to post to reach your kindred clients (from Step 3), and a block of time dedicated to creation. 

I have a whole blog post on how to successfully batch-create content. It walks you through the whole process so you can take back your time and build a content creation plan that works for you. 

  1. Set Up Your Google Business Profile

This is so important! If you want to be found on Google and have clients see your hours, your location on Google Maps, and your Google reviews, your Google Business Profile is essential to your marketing strategy. 

Some of the most important features of a Google Business Profile are accurate contact information, business hours, customer reviews, photos, and a detailed description of your services. For more information on this, check out this support article right from Google themselves.

  1. Take Advantage Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is so often underused by service providers. For some reason, we seem to think that it’s reserved for e-commerce or retail businesses, but email is one of the best-performing marketing tools out there for service providers. 

Email marketing sends reminders of your services to your warmest audience and keeps current customers in the loop about new offerings or promotions. It’s a great way to share value with your subscribers and give them more details about the benefits of the services you offer. 

If you’re looking for more support in building an email marketing campaign into your overall marketing strategy, I have a course available that will walk you through every step of the process. You can learn more about my Flow into Flodesk course now! 

  1. Build Your Network (On & Offline)

Now that you have a marketing strategy for your holistic practice, it’s important to remember that the point of it all is to connect with the humans behind the profiles! When people comment on your content, be sure to engage with them, answer their questions, and thank them for their support. You want to have a network of real people who love your business enough to tag their friends and share your content, so focus on the people, not the platforms. 

Getting involved in your community is another great way to build brand awareness and develop relationships with future clients, especially if the work you do is in-person. Partner with other local small businesses that share your clientele or join local small business groups and holistic meetup groups. Relationships are key to holistic health marketing, so get out there and spend time with your soulmate clients!

Looking For Support? Let’s Chat

Huzzah! You made it through all 7 tips for marketing your holistic practice! Hopefully, you’re inspired to get started building a brand and strategy both you and your clients will love.

But if you think you could use a little more help getting things in order and perfecting your brand and website, I’m here to help with business coaching or brand and website design to get your business booming.

Good luck and I can’t wait to hear from you! 

Holistic Health Marketing: 7 Tips For Holistic Practitioners

June 3, 2023