Intuitively build and maintain your email with Flodesk

As a creative entrepreneur, you wear all the hats in your business. From CEO to creative director to head marketer.

While some of those hats might fit like a perfectly broken-in baseball hat…others remind you of a too-tight, tension-causing headband. 

If marketing your business feels like the latter, you might be:

  • Overwhelmed with trying to keep up with evolving Instagram trends
  • Exhausted with pouring your heart and soul into a perfectly crafted post, only to hear crickets
  • Completely ready to ditch fussy algorithms and focus on building an email list

Instead of searching for the perfect hashtag or trending audio in hopes of getting in front of your people, email marketing lets you directly reach your biggest fans (and soon-to-be most loyal clients). 

But where do you start?

How do you start?

First up is choosing an email provider that’s easy for you to understand, navigate, and use. 

My top pick?


With its simple interface and gorgeous designs, this female-founded business has taken the email marketing world by storm. 

Here are the top 5 reasons Flodesk is the must-have email provider for creatives. 

Flodesk Is User-Friendly

The easy-to-navigate dashboard, drag-and-drop editor, and customizable templates make email marketing intuitive with Flodesk.

Additionally, Flodesk’s simple email analytics offers you a clear picture of who’s opening your emails and what they’re clicking on so you can create emails that resonate and inspire more sales. 

Whether you’re tech-savvy and migrating from another email provider or you’re just starting to build your email list, marketing doesn’t need to be another stressful task on your to-do list with Flodesk.

Flodesk Is Price-Friendly

Flodesk’s free one-month trial and consistent flat rate are massive draws for small business owners.

To start, the one-month trial gives you unlimited access to Flodesk’s templates, design capabilities, workflows, and automation so you get the complete email marketing experience before committing. 

From there, it costs only $19/month (after you’ve snagged my affiliate code) to design gorgeous branded emails forever

That means whether you can count your subscribers on one hand or they surpass the number of seconds in the entire Friends series, you pay the same flat rate for Flodesk’s services. 

Flodesk Is Mobile-Friendly

How often do you check your emails on your phone?

Maybe you’re in line at the coffee shop and notice that little red notification in the corner. 

Or you had to pop out to walk the dog but you’re waiting to see if your new client has signed your contract yet. 

Maybe you refresh your emails out of pure boredom. 

You’re not alone. 

According to reports, almost 50% of email opens occur on a phone instead of a desktop or laptop.

So if half of your email list is opening and reading your email on their phone, you want to ensure photos are optimized, the text is aligned, and all links work perfectly. 

Flodesk’s seamless mobile-responsive design means you won’t waste hours reformatting your emails. Instead, you’ll feel confident you’re connecting with all your subscribers across all devices.

Flodesk Is Effortlessly Customizable

With customizable templates at your fingertips, Flodesk encourages you to create and personalize your emails as much as you want. 

You can set your brand preferences – logo, colours, and business name – right in your settings. That way, your emails stay consistent and your subscribers instantly recognize you when you pop into their inbox. 

Once you’ve set your preferences, you can pick a template based on your email’s style or goal and start customizing it even more with layout designs, images, and fonts to create a design that feels true to you.

Flodesk Is Designed for Creatives

Aside from delivering your emails, Flodesk allows you to be hands-on in every aspect of building, designing, and managing your emails.

Do you want to start from scratch and design every aspect of your emails? Flodesk can do that.

Do you want to segment your subscribers so they receive emails about info specific to their needs? Check.

Do you want to stay in your creative zone while your subscribers stay up-to-date on your business with automated workflows? You got it. 

Flodesk’s comprehensive system makes it easy to express your creativity through email or simply use it to stay connected to your list while spending more time doing what you love.

Transitioning to Flodesk as Your Email Provider

When I started my email marketing journey, I tested other email providers like Mailchimp and Convertkit before landing on Flodesk. 

In full transparency, I’m pretty techy so the transition from one email provider to another was simple. 

But what made the decision to switch to Flodesk a no-brainer was all the benefits Flodesk offered me as a business owner and a creative.

Now, I can customize and brand my emails in a way that allows me to explore my creativity and design skills while maintaining brand consistency.

The budget-friendly pricing didn’t hurt either. 

As my subscriber list grew or I started using automation features, other email providers required I upgrade my plan. In contrast, my subscription price with Flodesk stays the same no matter how large my list grows. 

I know this transition, whether it’s from one email provider to Flodesk or an entire shift in your marketing by launching an email list, isn’t easy for everyone. 

It might feel confusing, frustrating, or overwhelming, even though you know how important email marketing is for your creative business.

But that’s exactly why my Flow Into Flodesk email marketing course is for you!

From setting up your Flodesk account to regular content ideas for your emails, it has everything you need to feel confident designing, automating, and analyzing your marketing emails. 

What are you waiting for? Learn the ins and outs of Flodesk now.


Flodesk: The Must-Have Email Provider for Creatives

December 2, 2022