And How It Will Create Big Wins For Yours

I want to tell you the truth about my first lead magnet.

It completely flopped.

I’m talking three people signed up, including my mom and my best friend’s boyfriend.

While I found the topic and freebie helpful and interesting, it was clear my ideal clients didn’t. 

Plus, I wasn’t sure how to market it.

Do I create an opt-in page? Promote it on Instagram? Share it in networking groups?

And I definitely didn’t have an effective welcome email sequence set up for my new subscribers.

Over and over, I poured my heart and soul into new lead magnets just to hear crickets. Each time I felt drained and like I was wasting my creative efforts. 

I’d heard of creative entrepreneurs who had email lists of thousands of loyal subscribers and wondered ‘but how?!’

I knew email marketing held so much potential for my business, if only I could figure out how to do it effectively. 

 How I Learned Email Marketing

As a creative entrepreneur, you’re probably curious, driven, and want to take a hands-on approach to your business. 

The hours you’ve spent listening to entrepreneurial podcasts, reading how-to guides, or watching business tutorials likely rivals the amount of time you’ve browsed Netflix, trying to decide what to binge next. 

At least, that was my approach when it came to learning email marketing. 

I downloaded countless freebies, listened to endless advice, and signed up for every email list in hopes that I could absorb all the email marketing knowledge I needed. 

Then there was the trial and error. The starting and stopping. The getting excited and tweaking my lead magnets only to avoid writing my emails for months on end. 

What finally made the difference?

I brought in an expert business mentor who helped me realize there was an easier, more streamlined way to generate leads from people who are actually interested in my services.

Then those interested subscribers led to sales that felt genuinely good for my clients and me. 

And with Flodesk – my go-to email provider – I could do all of this marketing and selling in a creative and on-brand way.

Creating Effective Lead Magnets

After committing to email marketing and bringing in guidance, the next step was creating an effective lead magnet that really resonated with my dream clients.

As I mentioned at the beginning, my first one didn’t do so great. 

But I eventually discovered what makes an impactful lead magnet. It needs to offer quick wins for your clients or solve a pain point. 

Let’s break down what I mean. 

You want to create a freebie that packs a punch. One that has steps that make a difference for your clients immediately but doesn’t give away all your expertise. 

Let’s take a look at one of my freebies as an example.

Magnetize Your Dream Clients is a downloadable workbook with strategies on how to create messaging based on your unique gifts that resonates with your target audience. It’s filled with tools I’ve used for my own business and even includes mindfulness exercises for energetic alignment. 

How did it come about?

The most common questions my clients ask are ‘how do I stand out online’ and ‘how do I get in front of my dream clients?’ 

This freebie speaks directly to those questions and offers a sneak peek at the work I do with my clients in my Strategic Brand Mentorship, a 1:1 coaching container for creatives.

Once you’ve created a lead magnet that just clicks with your audience, don’t forget about the selling part. 

Yep, even though it’s free, you still have to market your freebie. People won’t just download it because you asked. You need to convince them it’s worth their time, energy, and very exclusive email address. 

Creating a lead magnet sales page or a thought-out opt-in form that tells your website viewers exactly what they’ll learn helps your freebie sell itself. 

Which is exactly what mine currently does. 

I barely have to promote it anymore but it still brings in new email subscribers every day because it solves a direct problem in a straightforward way. 

And more subscribers on my email list?

That means more opportunities to connect with kindred clients who crave the guidance and skills I offer. 

Transforming My Creative Business With Email Marketing

Since focusing on email marketing for my creative business, I’ve experienced an unbelievable transformation.

I’ve become more confident writing ‘salesy’ email content because I know my services help those on my list. 

It’s why they came to me in the first place.

I’ve seen an increase in bookings and sales directly from my email list, in fact, all my current clients are on my email list! 

Do you know what else I’ve done?

I created and launched an entire course on email marketing for other creatives because I want you, sweet friends, to experience this same growth and confidence. 

Flow Into Flodesk is a comprehensive email marketing course designed to help you generate more leads, increase sales and bookings, promote your offerings, and ditch that ‘what am I supposed to do on Instagram this week?’ feeling.

This online course includes 6 modules and 30+ video lessons guiding you through creating a killer freebie, setting up your Flodesk account, building sales funnels, and writing content that has your email list on pins and needles waiting for your name to pop into their inbox. 

Are you ready to add email marketing to your creative business?


How Flodesk and Email Marketing Transformed My Creative Business

November 21, 2022