Anxious about putting your rates online?

Here’s why you shouldn’t be!

One question my clients ask me all the time is, “should I put my prices on my website?

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you share your rates on your website. However, I am a huge fan of posting your prices online!

Before talking about why sharing your prices on your website can help your creative business grow, let’s talk about why you might be hesitant to post them.

Are you unsure if you’ve priced your services appropriately?

You should feel confident in your pricing and the value you offer your clients! 

Reflect on your prices. Then, create clear reasons for why you’ve chosen them based on your unique skills and experience. You’ll feel more confident showing your dream clients your fees if you know exactly why you’ve chosen your prices. 

Are you worried your rates will scare off potential clients?

All clients will eventually learn your rates either on your website or later in a discovery call. 

Whether you aren’t in their budget or they don’t value the unique skills you bring to the table, a potential client who won’t pay for your services isn’t your dream client! If a client doesn’t work with you because of what you charge, it’s their loss. There will be projects that fit better with your business!

Do you think you’ll lose out on negotiating larger fees?

Think about how stressful negotiating fees can be! A potential client may be willing to pay more than you initially set out to charge, but it’s rare and might not be worth all the uncertainty. 

If you discover that most of your clients have larger budgets, reflect on your fees and see if you’re underpricing yourself. 

Remember, you’re not alone! I’ve heard these concerns from so many of my clients who are trying to determine the best options for their creative work.

Since we’ve talked about some reasons why you might be hesitant to post your prices on your website, let’s look at why I’m in favour of it!


Your website and the information you display are key to attracting clients and growing your creative business! 

When your dream clients land on your website, they’ll want to know if your services are affordable. Some clients won’t have the time to send an inquiry email or set up a discovery call to find out what you charge.

When you post your rates, you simplify the sales process for clients by answering their first question before you’ve ever met them. 

Since I’ve made my pricing even clearer on my website, discovery calls are more successful and leading to more bookings because we’re already on the same page about the budget. 


Let’s be honest, it’s uncomfortable talking about pricing, budget, and money. 

Displaying your fees on your website will let potential clients know what to expect from you. They won’t feel anxious about asking how much your services cost or pressured to make an immediate decision during a call. Your clients will also know that the cost won’t change depending on what they say during a call. 

Having your prices online builds an honest and trusting relationship with your customers, resulting in an outstanding experience for them!


Posting your rates on your website allows you to focus more on what your client needs.

You won’t need to devote as much energy to discussing money, worrying about creating custom rates, or negotiating fees. Instead, you can spend more time learning what your client is struggling with and how you can help them.
With budget discussions out of the way, you can focus your time on doing what you love and giving your clients the best experience possible!


Your potential clients will probably Google questions like “how much does a wedding photographer cost?” or “what do hairstylists in Vancouver charge?” 

By posting your fees on your website, you’re answering those questions for search engines. Because of this, search engines will direct clients to YOU rather than to your competitors.

This increased search engine optimization can help you reach new clients and grow your business!

So, you’ve decided to post your prices online. But how?

Check out these three creative ways for you to display your rates online:

Pricing plans

You could offer various pricing options depending on the level of service you provide. Clients can choose which plan fits their budget and needs best according to pricing plans.

Creative language

You might not feel comfortable posting the exact dollar amount on your website. Instead, you can use more creative language to communicate what you charge. A few examples are:

  • Investment starts at…” This language lets clients know your minimum fee but leaves it open to a deeper conversation to determine the best price. 
  • Services range between XX and XX” Offering ranges provides your clients with a general idea of your fees but leaves room for negotiation based on services.
  • Low four-figure price” This description provides a basic understanding of your prices to your clients without listing the details. 

Downloadable prices: 

Another option for displaying your prices is having clients subscribe to your email list to receive a downloadable PDF of your services and rates. 

This way, you’re only sharing your prices with clients who are serious about working with you. But, you need to make clear what you will be using their email for, no one likes to sign up for surprise emails!

You might be hesitant to post your prices on your website, but it will create an easier sales process for you and your clients. 

You’ll save time by creating an easier sales process and reaching a wider audience while also establishing a genuine connection with your clients that provides them with a great experience. 

Once you’ve decided to post your fees online, you’ll have to decide the best way to communicate them. Pricing plans, creative language, and downloadable forms that turn clients into email list subscribers are all possible options.

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So, now that you’ve decided to post your prices online for your dream clients, are you sure you know exactly who those dream clients are? 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you! 

Check out my mini-DIY strategy session on identifying your dream clients with 5 journal-style questions here: How to Identify and Attract Your Dream Clients.

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Should I Post My Prices on My Website?

November 4, 2021