With all the social media platforms, why is email marketing still important for creative entrepreneurs?

You’ve probably heard all about how email marketing is critical to growing your creative business.

After all, building your email list means having a group of your biggest fans at your fingertips just waiting to hear from you, learn from you, and ultimately open their wallets for you. 

The challenge is setting up an email platform, creating an email marketing strategy, designing a lead magnet, and writing weekly (or monthly) emails! It’s a daunting task and if you’re already on other platforms like Instagram, do you really want to add email marketing to your plate?

I promise, you do. 

Let me tell you a quick story about one of my clients who relied primarily on Instagram for sales, side note – she’s my wonderfully amazing mother!

Patty Ripley is an intuitive and contemporary painter with 35,000 followers on Instagram. With a new art series launching soon, Patty had over 40 paintings available for sale. 

Yet, she didn’t feel Instagram was the best place to market them. She didn’t think her followers were her target audience and she found generating leads on the ‘gram frustrating and limiting. 

I hear this so often from my Strategic Brand Mentorship clients. 

They’re exhausted from keeping up with changing social media algorithms and think they’re wasting time creating posts after posts that don’t make any difference to their revenue. 

But with email marketing, they experience a change.

You’ll have to stay tuned for the full story on Patty but for now, I’ll tell you that email marketing is undeniably important, especially for creatives.

Want to know why? 

Then check out my top 4 reasons every creative entrepreneur needs email marketing.

#1. Convert Your Warm Leads With Email Marketing

Let’s start with the main goal of all your marketing strategies: converting leads into sales and inspiring your clients to sign up for your services. 

And when it comes to making sales, email marketing is the star of the show.

Email marketing has over three times the conversion rate of social media marketing and an extremely high return on investment (ROI). 

What does that mean?

It means that 3x as many leads turn into sales when you use email marketing compared to social media. And for every $1 you invest in setting up, creating, and promoting your emails, you should expect to gain back $36 in sales and returns.

Sounds great, right? 

But why exactly is the conversion rate for email marketing so high?

It’s because your carefully crafted emails, designed to highlight you and your services, are sent directly to your warmest leads

Your warmest leads are your big-time fans who’ve already downloaded your freebie, shown interest in your business, and asked for more information.

They’re your ideal clients who already know they need your help but are waiting for an extra nudge, support, or guidance before tapping your ‘sign up’ button. 

And that’s precisely what your emails give them. 

#2. Ditch Fussy Algorithms with Email Marketing

Email marketing doesn’t just bring in sales from those already interested in your services. It also keeps you in front of your target audience at all times. 

Instead of relying on changing social media algorithms, worrying about trending sounds, or researching the latest hashtag strategies, your emails zoom directly to your community as long as you hit ‘send’.

That means your services and messaging won’t get lost in a busy Instagram feed or hidden among other eye-catching visuals. 

They’re right there, in your ideal client’s inbox. 

The inbox that 99% of email users check every single day.

So the next time your dream client realizes they need a holistic wellness guide, a hairstylist who’s mastered that perfectly tousled look, or a virtual music studio, you’re top of their inbox and first on their mind.

#3. Reach Your Dream Clients Directly With Email Marketing

One of the best email marketing features is the ability to personalize your content for every subscriber. 

From automatic welcoming sequences that greet new subscribers to nurture sequences that build customer loyalty, email marketing helps you connect with your dream clients.

And with email marketing’s detailed metrics like open rates and click-through rates, you can determine who is truly interested in your services. 

You can also group your subscribers based on their interests and tailor your copy to them, so you offer your target audience exactly what they’re looking for

Those personalized touches make a big difference. 

While the average email open rate is 20.8%, when you add personalized touches, that rate bumps up 50%. 

Because who doesn’t love feeling seen, heard, and like they stand out from the crowd?

#4. Show Off Your Creative Magic with Email Marketing

We’ve talked about how amazing email marketing is for converting your big-time fans into loyal customers, how it allows you to show up front and centre for your target audience, and how email marketing inspires a deeper, personal connection with your subscribers.

But do you want to know why email marketing is so important for creatives specifically?

It’s because of your unique, creative magic!

Social media limits your creativity to a handful of photos, a couple of videos, and a brief caption. 

But with email marketing, especially with my favourite platform Flodesk, you can treat your emails like a portfolio and express your creativity. 

You can fill your emails with stories and messaging, links, photos, videos, colours, and graphics, all while playing with the layout to create a custom-branded email that feels true to you. 

And that creativity pays off with emails sent by creatives having higher than average open rates compared to other industries. 

So instead of looking at email marketing as another sales platform you need to navigate, manage, and continuously work on, try seeing it as another avenue where you can express and share your creative magic. 

Getting Started With Email Marketing

Remember the story of Patty feeling frustrated with not reaching her target audience on Instagram, despite her thousands of followers?

Well, when she decided to release a brand new art series of over 40 paintings, we took to email marketing to promote it. 

Together, we:

  1. Designed an invaluable freebie that encouraged people to sign up on her waitlist. 
  2. Created nurture emails to set the stage for her release and build anticipation.
  3. Launched her art series to her email list first.

Can you guess what happened next?

Patty’s entire series sold out within a few days.

That’s how important email marketing is. 

Some of the terms I described probably sounded more than a little overwhelming even if you know email marketing helps you reach your big biz goals. List segmenting, welcome sequences, lead magnets, customizing emails…it’s mind-boggling

Which is exactly why I created my email marketing course for creatives, Flow Into Flodesk.

From setting up your email platform and automating your emails to creating an effective freebie, this course is jam-packed with everything you need to launch your email marketing strategy.

I even include impactful opt-in copy templates!

So if you’re ready to connect with your warmest leads, build your email list, and have more ‘funds headed your way’ emails whizzing into your inbox, this is the course for you.


4 Reasons Email Marketing is a Must-Have for Creatives

November 16, 2022

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