Hey photographers. This is for you!

11 seconds.

That’s roughly how long it takes to make a first impression or pop a bottle of champagne.

It’s also how long your homepage has to captivate a website visitor and keep them on your page. 

While breathtaking photos draw your audience in, a successful and unforgettable homepage offers them so much more. 

So how do you design a dreamy photography homepage that keeps your visitors reading? Better still, one that makes them excited about YOU capturing their magical moments? 

First, you need clear messaging about the one-of-a-kind transformation you offer your clients!

To help you identify your dream clients and the unique ways you serve them, I’ve created a FREE resource for you! Magnetize Your Dream Clients is a guidebook FILLED with strategies, tips, and exercises to help you stand out online, create messaging that resonates with your target audience, and cultivate more energetic alignment in your biz.

Next, you’ll need a website that effectively conveys your magic and makes your dream clients eager to hire you. Keep reading for the 7 elements you need when designing an unforgettable homepage for your photography website!


Creating a cohesive brand across your photography homepage and website is more than selecting your favourite colours and eye-catching fonts. It’s about making design choices that reflect you AND speak to your dream clients. 

Does your brand feel warm and dreamy, like exploring an otherwordly, mist-filled forest?

Or more bold and fun? Think pulling pink cotton candy from your fingers at a brightly lit carnival.

A thoughtful brand that resonates with your clients will help them understand who you are and why you’re right for them. Make sure your homepage (and the rest of your website!) reflects your heart-led, creative business. 

If you need more help understanding brand strategy and what it can do for you, check out my blog post Brand Strategy for Creatives.


This should be obvious! You’re a photographer, of course, you need breathtaking photos on your homepage!

However, presenting a client with ALL your photos can be overwhelming. Instead, your homepage should showcase a carefully curated selection of photos that highlight your skills, style, and dream clients. 

When working with Christine Nicole, a wedding and lifestyle photographer in Kamloops, we organized her homepage photos based on her services. A small but stunning gallery on the homepage allowed her potential clients to see her work right away.

Think about how you could curate a mindful gallery for your clients. Does it make sense to organize your photos into specific services like wedding, newborn, or lifestyle? If you photograph outside a lot, can you separate your photos into the locations such as mountains, ocean, and prairies?

Remember, you want to showcase your creative work in a way that captivates and inspires your dream clients!


You’ve probably heard of an elevator pitch, but what about a two-storey pitch?

That’s what your core message should be! A short and impactful message that describes your creative magic and who you serve. 

Here are some of my favourite examples from my photography clients:

‘Portrait & event photographs for Vancouver creatives & choirs’Saphren Lise Photography

‘Wedding & lifestyle photographer for couples & families in Kamloops, B.C.’ Christine Nicole Photography

‘Documentary-style photography based in Vancouver B.C.’Elif van Nieuwenhuijzen Photography

There’s an entire module on discovering your core message in my free Messaging for Creatives workshop!


I cannot stress enough how important strong calls-to-action (CTAs) are!

Your CTA is the basic step you want potential clients to do. You might have multiple CTAs including links to booking forms, email signups, or Instagram feeds. Sprinkle your CTAs throughout your website but make sure they stand out so clients know what they should do.

Do you want them to fill out a contact form? Book a call? Learn more about your services? Let your dream clients know!


A successful photography homepage should feature an introduction of the photographer.

You might be more comfortable behind the lens. After all, your stunning photos should speak for themselves! Why do you need to talk about yourself?

Because people LOVE stories. 

While your photos tell a significant part of your business’s story, it isn’t the whole picture. Your clients want to know who’s behind the lens capturing their treasured moments.

You don’t need to include ALL your photography experience, your go-to brunch item, or the first memory you have of taking photos. But, your mini-intro should let your clients know a little bit about who you are and your specialties. 

Leave all the other fun details to your About page!
If you struggle to write about yourself (I totally get it!), head over to my 7 About Page Do’s and Dont’s blog post for some tips!


Glowing reviews from delighted clients can make all the difference in the success of your business. They have the biggest impact on a potential client’s decision to invest in a product or service.

So, your best chance of convincing your dream client to work with you is to show them how you’ve helped others!

While some website designs include specific testimonial webpages, try weaving your testimonials throughout your site as natural social proof. 

That’s what I did for Vancouver photographer Saphren Lise! I paired the rave reviews her clients gave with her own statements and photographs to give even more credibility to her expertise. 

Don’t be afraid to show off a little and let your dream clients see how working with you is a transformative experience!


An opt-in gift, freebie, lead magnet…it has a few names! It essentially means gifting your website visitors with a free digital product to encourage them to subscribe to your email list. 

Creating an email list (or fan club!) is  KEY to your marketing strategy. Email lists allow you to stay in touch with your clients, share new services you offer, and create a way for your clients to tell you what they need!

What does an opt-in gift look like?

Maybe it’s a checklist of photography equipment must-haves, a guide on how to prepare for a shoot, or the best tips for editing photos.

This is where you can let your skills, experience, and creativity shine!

If you need some more inspiration on what your opt-in gift could look like, check out my blog post Build Your Email List: Photographer Edition!

I hope these 7 tips to designing an unforgettable homepage helped you feel ready to revamp your photography website! 

Keep in mind that your homepage is the first impression you will make on your dream clients. Your brand and message should be clear while your homepage design should captivate visitors. And most importantly, your photography website should reflect your heart-led, creative business!

If you need more help defining your core message, you need to download Magnetize Your Dream Clients! In this free guidebook, we’ll uncover the why behind your business, the transformative experience you provide your dream clients, and how to effectively communicate your value.

How to Design an Unforgettable Homepage for Your Photography Website

January 5, 2022

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